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Bathroom Renovation

iTile-NT knows every nook and cranny of every bathroom in a varying Australian household. Not only that, we have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and expertise to assure you a new and improved bathroom renovation. Choosing to submit your bathroom for a renovation is only one step towards overall home improvement. Hiring the best contractor is another. Here’s why you should let us, iTile-NT provide your bathroom renovations needs.

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Bathroom Renovation

iTile-NT knows every nook and cranny of every bathroom in a varying Australian household. Not only that, we have the tools, equipment, knowledge, and expertise to assure you a new and improved bathroom renovation. Choosing to submit your bathroom for a renovation is only one step towards overall home improvement. Hiring the best contractor is another. Here’s why you should let us, iTile-NT provide your bathroom renovations needs.

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What You Need To Know About Bathroom Renovation?

Enjoy an Efficient Process

There’s no harm in wanting to do bathroom renovations yourself. DIY approaches have been conventional nowadays. However, if you don’t have the time, and you can’t seem to squeeze a significant home project such as bathroom renovations in your schedule, it’s time to call in the crew. We at iTile-NT works at an efficient time frame to ensure that you can enjoy your newly-renovated bathroom in no time. What’s more, is that we handle tasks with minimal disruption for you and your family.

Guaranteed High-Quality Finish and Craftsmanship

Aside from the technical know-how, each member of our professional team infuses your personality in their craft. This assures a unique approach that you will appreciate on a personal level. Plus, you get to enjoy high-grade quality work that is sure to pass quality assessments and inspection.

Professional Process from Beginning to End

A renovation contractor will involve the client in every step of the process. From the decision of colors to textures and pattern designs, we like to have every input from our clientele to ensure customer satisfaction. Also, when you have your bathroom renovated by the professionals, you’re bound to get exceptional results that are beyond the aesthetics of the room.

Licensed and Insured

Be wary of hiring contractors that aren’t licensed for the job. You’re only putting your investment at stake plus, and you won’t achieve the results that you want. iTile-NT is licensed and insured for bathroom renovations, thus, making us an excellent choice for your needs.

We know how vital bathrooms are in your household. If you want to upgrade and renovate it, you’ll have to choose a contractor that values your inputs, involves you in the process, backed by years of experience, trusted by the people and is licensed for the task. Choose only iTile-NT! For appointments and questions, contact us at (04) 0072 9303 for more details.

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Custom Vanity

A bathroom is a place that is considered to be a sanctuary for many homeowners. This is where you spend the majority of your mornings prepping up for the day. While there are a lot of pre-installed and stock vanities available in the market, there are instances that the design, cut and size doesn’t fit your room and your style. If this is the case, you may want to consider custom vanities for your bathroom or any of your home’s rooms.

We at iTile-NT Bathrooms know how much you value your personal space, and we believe that every homeowner shouldn’t settle for less. We compiled a list of valuable reasons as to why you should invest in a custom vanity.

Custom Vanity Fits Your Space Perfectly

One of the most significant factors as to why you should consider a custom vanity is due to the space that it occupies. You can never precisely pinpoint the dimensions of the vanity you’re going to need unless you have it customized. Most stock options can either be too short or too long for its intended placement.

Custom Vanity Reflects Your Style and Personality

Whether you are a Minimalist, a Victorian, or follow a specific color and design scheme for your home’s interior, you can always integrate it with custom vanity. It is essential to communicate your design needs to a contractor so that he can create a piece that suits your interior, your budget, and your home.

Custom Vanity Can be Made According to Functionality

Whether you need it as a storage, or you want it as a centerpiece for your room, custom vanities can be created for whatever purpose you want it to be. With the skills of a professional, you can have the best of both worlds by requesting a design that can meet its functional requirements.

Why iTile-NT Bathrooms for a Custom Vanity?

In our 20 years of humble service, we are more than proud to say that we provide luxury bathrooms at an affordable price. We are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to have your custom vanity finished in an efficient timeframe. What’s more, is that we strive hard to achieve your desired results in a cost-effective expenditure. Aside from custom vanity, we also renovate bathrooms, tiling services, and more. If you want to know more about our custom vanity pieces, reach us at our number (04) 0072 9303 for more details, appointments and a free quote.

Bathroom Suites


The overall aesthetic of your home isn’t complete until you’ve chosen a bathroom suite that fits the property’s style and intended functionality. For a first-time homeowner, the process of choosing a bathroom suite can be daunting and stressful. The good thing is, there are service providers like iTile-NT Bathrooms that are committed to making your bathroom stunning in a budget-friendly mode.

There are a lot of resources online and portfolio from service contractors that may lead you heartbroken with many choices of designs and styles available. You can infuse them together or make a real mess without the proper guidance of the professionals like iTile-NT Bathrooms. To help you choose the best bathroom suites for your home, here are some tips you can follow:


  • Consider the size of your bathroom – There are design and style options that don’t go well with a small suite. For example, storage choices must be carefully designed and optimized for functionality.
  • Choose a bathroom suite that complements your home’s style – Say you own a Victorian-designed home, going for a modern-styled will disorient your property’s overall look. As much as possible, go for a bathroom suite that gives a vibe of harmony.
  • Work with the right contractor – Service providers like iTile-NT Bathrooms provide bathroom renovation bundles from service and equipment that is more affordable and stress-free. You may not realize it, but you can save a great deal of time and money when you purchase bathroom suite bundles. The toilet, basins and other bathroom items will look more uniform and design-coordinated.
Custom Shower Screen

Homeowners would agree that a bathroom is a place where one can relax and get ready for the day’s work ahead. In an economic sense, a well-designed and well-maintained bathroom boosts your home’s value. If you’re looking for options as you desire to remodel your bathroom, one pivotal item that you can change or customize is shower screen.

Shower screens do not only beautify your bathroom. It also serves several advantages. We at iTile-NT Bathrooms aim to provide not only the most beautiful option for your bathroom, but we also commit to projects that are long-lasting, durable and budget-friendly. With the installation of custom shower screens, your bathroom will look more classy. Choosing shower curtains to appear un-thought of and cheap.

Custom shower screens are suitable for any type of bathroom. Whether you have that is big in scale or a small one, installing a custom shower screen can optimize the space accordingly. What’s more, is that custom shower screens can be designed and built according to your own preferences. From the material to the texture to the overall design, it is up to you. If you’re going for the minimalist design, a clear shower screen with minimal accents can do. If you want to make a statement, you have the choice of going for stickers or illustrative designs.



Aside from clear shower screens, you can have one where it looks frosted where design meets function. Speaking of functionality, custom shower screens do more than just provide privacy. It also keeps a particular area of the bathroom dry. Every homeowner should know that a wet bathroom can cause injuries like slips and falls. Moreover, wet bathrooms are susceptible to molds, damp areas, and even termite infestation. When installed properly, you can reap the many benefits of a custom shower screen. If you’re leaning towards the decision of installing one, have a reputable service contractor like iTile-NT Bathrooms handle it for you.

iTile-NT Bathrooms provide custom shower screens fit for your home’s style, fit to your preference and fit to your budget. We believe that every home should be provided with a chance to glorify their homes, their bathrooms or kitchen with stunning renovations at an affordable price.

We guarantee the five-star quality of custom shower screens or any of our service offerings like tiling, custom vanities, stone benchtops, and more. If you are interested to know more about our services, you can always reach out to our contact number (04) 0072 9303 and we’d be more than glad to help.

Stone Benchtops

Whether you want to renovate your bathrooms or kitchen for a classy look, improved functionality, and energy efficiency, stone benchtops are preferred choice for both homeowners and service contractors considering suitability as well as affordability.

Stone benchtops are made out of synthetic or engineered stone. However, if you want the durability and the aesthetics of real stone, you can request for it. Just be ready to pay double or triple the price when compared to engineered stone.

  • Known for its durability, stone benchtops are a fresh and luxurious take for countertop designs – You can look at a service contractor’s portfolio for their design offerings that will match your home’s interior. One should know that engineered stone is a unique placement of various stone slabs that make it a personalized service that most homeowners avail.
  • , What’s more, is that stone benchtops are known to be water-proof, non-porous and mold-resistant – You’ll have the most comfortable time cleaning your stone benchtops since you can use a cloth to wipe the surface and you’re good to go.


One notable downside of installing a stone benchtop is its fragile nature, a certified service contractor that conforms to Australian standards can ensure its longevity and pristine condition. Another is its expensive installation because of such high-quality material. iTile-NT Bathrooms provide kitchen or bathroom renovations on a budget. You can request a quote from us, inform us of what service you’d like to be done and we’ll take care of the rest.

When looking for a service contractor that will handle your stone benchtops installation, look for the one that listens to your inputs. One that has a professional team that can turn your vision into reality. With iTile-NT Bathrooms, you’ll never go wrong by choosing us. We only offer the best of Australian standards when it comes to project materials. We also provide a wide variety of designs and even custom ones that’ll fit your home’s color scheme and more. Plus, we are committed to seeing how satisfied you are with the overall quality and output that you have paid for.

Also, we take into consideration your financial ceiling for the project. We want our clientele to enjoy a luxurious, durable, and five-star quality of stone benchtops for their homes without hurting their budget. If you have any questions regarding stone benchtops, what services we can offer you, book a service appointment and more, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (04) 0072 9303.


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