Tiles are among the most important aspects of a bathroom renovation. The right tiles will add a wow factor to your area. So think about the color, shape, size, and finish of your bathroom tiles, because those will all play a role in developing the complete look.

With so many bathroom tile ideas to choose from, you’ll have the customisation options to choose a tile that you adore, allowing you to create something phenomenal. Here, we’ve gathered a wide range of the modern bathroom tile ideas to get you started, as well as related bathroom decorating ideas to keep your area looking stunning from floor to ceiling.

Best Tile Designs For Bathroom Renovation

Monochrome Bathroom Design
The classic combination of black and white will never go out of style. It’s a true iconic colour combination. But you can easily make it stand out just by incorporating various types of tiles, faucets, and other furniture.

Floral Decorative Tiles
Florals are coming back into fashion! These eye-catching floral tiles will bring lots of colour and elegance to your modern bathroom. Wood accents and a clean white interior complete the look. Feminine, colorful, and fun!

Black Tiles
In most design applications, the colour black simply gives a room a formal style. The black tiles, which evoke inner-city hotel vibes, stand out even more when partnered with light grout and matching black tapware. You can then add some greenery and warmth with towels and candles to bring some life into the room.

Rustic Bricks
Adding bricks or brick-inspired tiles to your bathroom provides a beautiful, warm, rustic touch. It removes the monotony and passiveness of modern bathrooms.

Hexagonal Marble
Marble is a classic bathroom element: glamorous, beautiful, and stylish. With these marble hex tiles, you can transform a plain marble wall into a work of art. Smaller tiles in an unusual shape will add texture, shades, and sophisticated details to your bathroom walls.

When you walk into a bathroom, the tiles make a huge first impression. So, in addition to finding a variety of bathroom tile ideas to guarantee you get the room of your dreams, you should also have your tiles professionally installed by professional bathroom tilers such as Itile NT to help your renovation work smoothly. The Itile NT team in Darwin provides one of the most professional and skilled tiling services you will ever see.

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