When it comes to beautifying their homes, there are individuals whose more than willing to take the risk of investing in hard to maintain yet outstanding pieces. Despite the varieties available in the market for practical decorative applications, nothing beats the authenticity of a wooden flooring and wooden décor.

If you’re looking for inspiration to grace your home with wooden planks, this guide is for you. We compiled several jaw-dropping and extravagant applications for you to consider when decorating or installing wooden planks to your home.

Shower Stalls

The bathroom is always a place to maximize both design and comfort. If you’re looking to integrate vintage and home-y feel to your sanctuary, wooden planks are a great way to do this.

Although, we would greatly recommend that you use wooden planks as more of an accentuating piece to the stall, not the wall itself. If you want, you can also consult with an expert builder regarding the appropriate installation to make the most out of your investment.

Low-Traffic Indoor Spaces

Since wooden planks are hard to maintain, sometimes, it’s better off installed in low-traffic indoor areas. Let’s say you have a dedicated space for reading or napping. This can be an ideal placement provided that you or some members of the family take basking in such a lazy endeavour. Not to mention the fact that installing wooden planks on these areas makes it more exquisite and majestic.

Wall Accents and Design

Are you bored of having painted walls? Painted walls can be decorated with picture frames, hanging plants, and others. But, if you’re looking to bring your wall-game to the next level, installing wooden planks is the best thing to do! Wooden planks as walls need to complement your entire home, and it can be a mind-boggling thing to do. Consult with an interior designer for this wall decision as it comes with its repercussions.

Outside Living Spots

Do you have a patio, a porch, a lounge, or a deck? If you do, try glamming it up with wooden planks for its flooring. Wooden planks that are incorporated in your outdoor space gives an earthy feel that lets you and family members feel grounded to the beauty of it. For a non-slippery surface, we recommend wooden planks that have a certain level of texture to it.

Statement Flooring

Last but not least, wooden planks are great for statement flooring. Yes, it is more expensive than decorative tiles, but if you desire top-notch quality and stunning looks, wooden planks are the best way to do it. Unusual shapes, textures, and cuts can be done for your wooden plank flooring. We highly recommend consulting your design needs with an interior designer and a service provider for optimal results.

In conclusion, the installation of wooden planks to your home needs both creative extent and expertise. We wouldn’t sugarcoat the fact that wooden planks are expensive and require professional servicing for maintenance. But, if there’s one guarantee to using wooden planks for your home, it is the outstanding craftsmanship that translates to compelling beauty.