The pandemic has had a significant impact on our lives. Many of us are confronted with difficulties that can be stressful, daunting, and evoke strong emotions in both adults and children. Public health interventions, such as social distancing, are necessary to slow the spread of Coronavirus, but they can make us feel lonely and depressed, as well as increase stress and anxiety. One of the best solutions to this problem is to remodel a bathroom that can provide peace, relaxation, and escape from the stressful world outside. We gathered all the information to find the best bathroom tile design and colour ideas for 2022 for your bathroom renovation.

  1. Porcelain Backed Marble Tile – If you’re looking for bathroom shower tile ideas, consider porcelain-backed marble tiles. These incredible tiles combine the elegance and beauty of porcelain with the tenacity of marble. You can create a stunning atmosphere by selecting these shower wall and floor tiles. 
  2. Terrazzo Tiles – are still popular in the world of interior design because of their classic appeal and unique, iridescent patterns. Traditional terrazzo tiles are created by embedding small pieces of natural stones (such as marble and granite) or coloured glass into concrete tiles before drying. Each tile is distinct from the next, making it a fashionable option for use as a floor tile or wall tile throughout the interiors of your home. 
  3. Textured Tile – Use 3-D tile to bring your restroom walls to life! The initial motive of this eye-catching comfort room tile trend is the texture of the tile, which can be obtained with any colour, pattern, or finish that you desire. Incoherent natural stone tiles can give your bathroom an organic, vintage vibe. 
  4. Modern Subway Tiles – Modernism finds a home in all fashions, including tiles. Many designers and contractors will prefer the current subway tiles to make rooms look more contemporary in 2022. Modern subway tiles can also be used as a substantial decorative element in an interior design with white walls. Creating a contrast design is always effective, and these tiles have fantastic colour combinations. 
  5. Natural Stone & Stone-Appearance Tiles – Natural stone tiles, like terrazzo tiles, are available in two varieties: traditional, authentic natural stones such as marbles, granite, limestone, and others, and stone-look alternatives made of porcelain instead for a more lightweight material option. Natural stone tiles, regardless of the material, offer a classic material selection for any space in the house, from the kitchen to the shower, adding a luxurious and perfect finish to a design scheme. 
  6. The Herringbone Tile – trend will continue in 2022, and we think it looks great with matte tiles. They can be a great substitute for large rest room tile ideas. In this regard, these matte ceramic tiles could be an excellent choice for your decor. 
  7. Patterns – If the sophisticated tile work in Moroccan-inspired spas and ham mams appeals to you, a bold design pattern may be a great option for your bathroom. These printed tiles are available in a variety of shapes, colours, and designs to match the mood you’re going for. If you like Bohemian creativity but want to tone it down, go for a unique shape with a monotone colour pattern, such as blue. Alternatively, use the tile as an accent piece in a shower niche. 
  8. Pastel Tones – Pastel-toned tiles add a magical touch to any interior design scheme. Their soft, delicate tones are often associated with playfulness, romance, and warmth, making them a magnificent choice for ensuite wash rooms, feature walls in living rooms, and country kitchen splash back tiles. Pastel colours like mint green, blush pink, and lemon yellow are frequently used in design schemes as an alternative to traditional neutral colours like beige, white, or grey. 
  9. Wood-Look Porcelain Tile – Wood-look porcelain tiles will be an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a natural wood look to achieve an authentic look. These incredible tiles will offer the naturality you are looking for in your indoor spaces, and they will also help you make a budget. 
  10. Earthy Tone – Taking a step away from the soft colouring of the trending pastel tones, earthy colours provide such an elegant nature-inspired colour palette that perfectly matches just about any style of home, from contemporary-styled architecture to traditional and classic house. Rustic, textured timber-look tiles, natural stone tiles such as marble or travertine, and deep, rich terracotta tones are examples of earthy-toned colour schemes. Each of these luscious, nature-inspired tiling options adds texture and warmth to a design scheme while also creating a relaxing atmosphere.

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